Mar 19, 2015

Character Map Transform very simple example in SSIS | Demo

Character Map Transform is used to perform different operations on string data.  List of all character map transform:
a. Byte reversal
b. Full width
c. Half width
d. Hiragana
e. Katakana
f. Linguistic casing
g. Lowercase
h. Simplified Chinese
i. Traditional Chinese
j. Uppercase

Character Map Transform very simple example step by step for beginners:

Step 1: Drag and drop any source and a character map transform inside data flow task.  In this example our source adapter is ADO NET Source which pulls data from table tblUser. Then connect the source adapter to character map transform.    

Character MAP Transform Beginner simple example SSIS
Step 2: Double click on character map transformation. It will pop up character map transformation editor.

Input Column:  From drop down choose any string data type columns. We can choose same column multiple times.

Destination:  it can be either new column or in-place change. If you want keep original column then choose new column otherwise choose in-place changed. If same column is chosen multiple times then only one column can have in-place change option.

Operation: Choose any operation from drop down according to your need. At the same time we can choose multiple operations.

Output Alias:  We can rename the output columns. New name of all output columns must be unique.  

Character MAP transform operation 
Step 3:  Now add any destination adapter and execute the package. In this example our destination adapter is ADO NET Destination.

Execute Character Map Transform SSIS

Mar 18, 2015

Cache transform very simple example in SSIS | demo

What is cache transform in SSIS? Or Explanation and use of cache transformation

Cache transform is cached dataset for lookup transformation. Let's assume we are loading user information but user data keeps country id and we have to replace country id    by country name while country information are present in some different data source.
Approach 1:  First populate all country data into an intermediate temporary table and while loading user's information perform join operation with temporary country table.