SQL Server Tutorial

Query optimization and tuning best pratices:

Indexes best practices in sql server: Where to start creating indexes?
Index in sql server with examples
What is clustered index in sql server
What is non clustered index in sql server
Sql server query optimization tips : Tuning best practices with examples
Fastest or most efficient way to insert data in sql server
When sql server is able to use indexes and when not
How to use database engine tuning advisor to get recommendations in sql server
Effect of collation in indexing in sql server.
Write sql queries in set based approach sql server
Sql server best practices for stored procedure
What is Adhoc query in sql server: Cached Query Plan
Subquery vs inner join which one is better in sql server
Difference between actual execution plan and estimated execution plan in sql server
Best ways to pass comma delimited varchar variables to IN clause sql server

Basic Programming

Writing dynamic sql queries in sql server
Difference between temporary table and table variable in sql server
Difference between varchar and nvarchar in sql server.
Difference between char and varchar in sql server.
Variables in sql server 2008 R2
BETWEEN keyword in sql server
How to use variable in ORDER BY clause in sql server.
ORDER BY clause in common table expression in sql server.
ORDER BY clause in view in sql server.
OVER clause in aggregate function in sql server
Schema in sql server
Stored procedure parameters in sql server
Sql server temporary stored procedures
Foreign key constraint sql server | Referential constraint
IF statement or condition in WHERE clause of SELECT statement in sql server
Sql server create unique constraint which allow multiple NULL values
Dynamic ORDER BY clause in sql server
How to compile any query without executing it in sql server
How to perform case sensitive comparison in sql server
Sql server string comparison is case sensitive or not
Insert default value when data or parameter is null in sql server

SSMS (Sql server management studio)

How to debug sql queries in SSMS
How to debug stored procedures in SSMS

Full Text Search 

How to create custom or user define StopList and add and remove stop words or noise words in sql server
Search or filter matching synonyms of word sql server full text search
Fuzzy Look up in sql server: Search nearest matching mistyped word

Backup And Recovery

How to recover deleted data from table without using database backup in sql server Sql server backup stored procedures and auto schedule
Set up auto only schema or script backup in sql server
Sql server export stored procedures

CRL Stored procedure and Functions

How to create CLR stored procedure in visual studio 2010 in vb.net.
Output parameters of CLR stored procedure in vb.net.
How to transfer or create CLR stored procedure from one database to other database in sql server.


Width sensitive and insensitive collation examples in sql server.
Ascent sensitive and insensitive collation example in sql server.
Case sensitive and insensitive collation examples in sql server.

Advance Topics

What is sql server Send an email when data of any columns of table changes in sql server
Use of stored procedure SP_EXECUTE with examples in sql server
Sql server restrict the stored procedure naming convention
Default sort order of a SELECT statement in Sql server

Sql Server Interview Questions 

SQL server interview questions and answers with explanation


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