May 11, 2016

Top Up prepaid Tariff Plan Uttar Pradesh Airtel

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List Uttar Pradesh Region Top Up Plan Airtel prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
10Talktime of Rs. 7.73Unlimited Unlimited
20Talktime of Rs. 15.47Unlimited Unlimited
25Rs25 Talktime for 3 Days with 5 local airtel SMS for 2 DaysNA NA
30Talktime of Rs. 23.2Unlimited Unlimited
40Talktime of Rs. 31.93Unlimited Unlimited
50Airtel Full Talktime if recharge with airtel money
55Rs55 Full Talktime for 7 Days + 5 Local airtel SMS for 2 daysUnlimited Unlimited
60Talktime of Rs. 49.4Unlimited Unlimited
70Talktime of Rs. 64.0Unlimited Unlimited
80Talktime of Rs. 66.87Unlimited Unlimited
90Talktime of Rs. 84.0Unlimited Unlimited
100Talktime of Rs. 84.34Unlimited Unlimited
110Talktime of Rs. 93.07Unlimited Unlimited
120Talktime of Rs. 116.0Unlimited Unlimited
130Talktime of Rs. 110.54Unlimited Unlimited
140Talktime of Rs. 119.27Unlimited Unlimited
150Talktime of Rs. 147.0Unlimited Unlimited
160Talktime of Rs. 136.74Unlimited Unlimited
180Talktime of Rs. 154.21Unlimited Unlimited
190Talktime of Rs. 162.94Unlimited Unlimited
200Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
210Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
220Talktime of Rs. 192.14Unlimited Unlimited
230Talktime of Rs. 200.87Unlimited Unlimited
240Talktime of Rs. 209.61Unlimited Unlimited
250Talktime of Rs. 245.0Unlimited Unlimited
280Talktime of Rs. 241.54Unlimited Unlimited
290Talktime of Rs. 253.28Unlimited Unlimited
300Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
310Talktime of Rs. 270.74Unlimited Unlimited
320Talktime of Rs. 276.48Unlimited Unlimited
325Rs330 Talktime. 2 Local airtel minutes for 30 daysUnlimited Unlimited
330Talktime of Rs. 288.21Unlimited Unlimited
350Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
360Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
390Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
400Talktime of Rs. 350.88Unlimited Unlimited
444Rs444 Talktime and 2 airtel Night SMS for 2 daysUnlimited Unlimited
450Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
500Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
510Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
550Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
555Rs555 talktime for 60 days+5 Airtel SMS for2 daysUnlimited Unlimited
600Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
666Rs666 talktime for 60 days+5 Airtel SMS for2 days60 Days 60 Days
700Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
750Talktime of Rs. 652.02Unlimited Unlimited
786Rs 800 Talktime + Gulf Calling @Rs7.86/min28 Days 28 Days
800Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
888Rs888 talktime for 60 days+5 Airtel SMS for 2 daysUnlimited Unlimited
900Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
1000Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited

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