May 19, 2016

Rate Cutter prepaid Tariff Plan Karnataka Bsnl

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List Karnataka Region Rate Cutter Plan Bsnl prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
11Local any net at 1paisa per 2 Sec4 Days 4 Days
13SMS Benefit: Free 130 Local/National SMS Any net7 Days 7 Days
18All voice calls to Nepal at Rs 8.50 per Min30 Days 30 Days
22ISD calls to Australia Bahrain Indonesia Kuwait @ Rs. 6.49/min International SMS @ Rs.3/SMS30 Days 30 Days
25Talk time Rs 25 + 4 Min On-net night calling from 11.00PM to 6.00AM4 Days 4 Days
26Talk Value equal Rs.30 for 2 days and 2 onnet free SMS2 Days 2 Days
27ISD calls to Bangladesh Malaysia Hong Kong Thailand @ Rs. 2.99/min International SMS @ Rs.3/SMS30 Days 30 Days
3172 Mins Local or STD calls Anynet1 Day 1 Day
33Out Going (Local and STD) while in roaming at 70ps per min6 Days 6 Days
34BSNL Free 385 SMS local or national anynet30 days 30 days
35Night Pack: Local/STD night calls (11PM to 6AM) @5ps/min to BSNL Network30 Days 30 Days
36Validity Extension: Per Second180 Days 180 Days
37Validity Extension: Per Minute180 Days 180 Days
38ISD calls to France Germany U.K** @ Rs. 4.49/min International SMS @ Rs.3/SMS **Not applicable for ISD code 004470 to 004479 of UK Activ ...30 Days 30 Days
41Local or STD any net at 0.8paisa per sec30 Days 30 Days
43ISD calls to Canada U.S.A. Singapore China @ Rs. 1.49/min International SMS @ Rs.3/SMS30 Days 30 Days
44Local any Network calls @1.4ps per 2sec25 Days 25 Days
49Night Pack: Local or STD onnet NIGHT voice call at 0.05 per min +TT-1130 Days 30 Days
53SMS Benefit: Free 860 SMS local or national anynet30 Days 30 Days
54SMS Benefit: Local/National On-net SMS 100 SMS/day free30 Days 30 Days
65Onnet local at 15 paisa per min and onnet STD at 20 paisa per min per 30 days30 Days 30 Days
69Local calls any net at 1 piasa per 2 sec30 Days 30 Days
75Validity Extension: Pyari Jodi180 Days 180 Days
79Out Going (Local and STD) while in roaming at 70ps per min28 Days 28 Days
83SMS Benefit: Free 1650 Local/National SMS Any net30 Days 30 Days
84STD any net@ 40p/Min84 Days 84 Days
85Validity Extension: Namma_Plan_85 + Freebies : Free 30 Min Local/ STD any network + 50 MB Data180 Days 180 Days
87Validity Extension: PV-87(AMOGHA)180 Days 180 Days
88Local/STD any net at 0.8paisa/sec90 Days 90 Days
93Free Out Going Voice Calls 120minutes on any network in Roaming and Free SMS 40SMS on any network in Roaming30 Days 30 Days
96Validity extension: Data_Plan_96365 Days 365 Days
99Validity extension: Jai Jawan30 Days 30 Days
132Local Any Net Call 1.4ps/2 Sec75 Days 75 Days
135300 Mins Local or STD to Any network28 Days 28 Days
145Free 20000 Seconds Loc or STD Anynet24 Days 24 Days
147SMS Benefit: Free 3000 Local/National SMS Any net60 Days 60 Days
159365 min LOCAL or STD to any network30 Days 30 Days
164Unlimited Local / STD On Net5 Days 5 Days
20124000 Second Local or STD any net calls28 Days 28 Days
209Local call to any net at 1paisa per 2 sec + TT 2590 Days 90 Days
254TT Rs 201 + local or STD OG calls any net(in home LSA) @35p/min7 Days 7 Days
344Local call On Net Unlimited free24 Days 24 Days
425Free 60000 Seconds Loc or STD Anynet72 Days 72 Days
501TT Rs Rs 441 + local OG calls any net(in home LSA) at 25p per min and STD OG calls any net(in home LSA) @35p/min15 Days 15 Days
698Unlimited Local and STD OnNet Voice Call28 Days 28 Days
699Free 1200 local offnet minutes30 Days 30 Days
894Local call On Net Unlimited free81 Days 81 Days

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