May 6, 2016

Rate Cutter prepaid Tariff Plan Chennai Aircel

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List Chennai Region Rate Cutter Plan Aircel prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
15Aircel 2400 seconds Local & STD 40 A2A SMS Local & STD|Validity & balance check: *111*15#|Activation: USSD *121*15#3 days 3 days
18US/Canada/Singapore@60p,China@65p,Malaysia@Rs.1.80,UK(F)@Rs.1.5,Saudi@Rs.7.20,Srilanka/Pakistan/Kuwait at Rs.7,UAE@Rs.9, Bangladesh Rs3/min, Nepal Rs 6.99/min28 Days 28 Days
19750 Local SMS. Daily 1st SMS at 50p21 Days 21 Days
23Local Mobiles (A2A&A2O)Calls@ 1p/sec28 Days 28 Days
27STD A2A calls @20p/min STD A2O calls @35p/min28 Days 28 Days
33100 Local / National SMS per day. 1st SMS at 50p. (Free National SMS is restricted to 10 per day)28 Days 28 Days
39Aircel A2A (Local & STD) @ 25p/m A2O(Local& STD) @ 30p/min|Validity & balance check: *111*39#|Activation: USSD *111*39#10 days 10 days
41All Local/STD calls @ 40p/min and ISD calls to USA*/Canada/UK (f) @ Re 1/min28 Days 28 Days
44100 Local/National SMS per Day. No 1st SMS charges28 Days 28 Days
48125 minutes Local & STD mobile calls14 Days 14 Days
49Incoming Calls FREE. Outgoing Calls 60p/min while roaming on Aircel Network28 Days 28 Days
57Local Onnet 20p/min Local Offnet 40p/min21 Days 21 Days
58STD Mobile Calls @ 35p/min28 Days 28 Days
64All local Mobiles calls @ 35p/min. Valid for 28 Days28 Days 28 Days
78Local Onnet 20p/min Local Offnet 40p/min28 Days 28 Days
85All local Mobiles calls @ 30p/min. Valid for 28 Days28 Days 28 Days
887000 Local SMS (No first SMS Charging of the Day)84 Days 84 Days
89100 Local/National SMS per day. No 1st SMS charges60 Days 60 Days
94250 minutes Local & STD mobile calls28 Days 28 Days
97All Aircel (Local+STD) Calls @ 25p/min & Other Mobile (Local+STD) calls @ 30p/min28 Days 28 Days
115Local Onnet 10p/min28 Days 28 Days
121Local Onnet 15p/min Local offnet 35p/min28 Days 28 Days
125Local Onnet 20p/min Local Offnet 40p/min56 Days 56 Days
147Local A2A @ 10p/min & Local A2M @ 30p/min28 Days 28 Days
165All Local mobiles @35p/min84 Days 84 Days
178Local Onnet 20p/min Local Offnet 40p/min84 Days 84 Days
194Unlimited STD A2A14 Days 14 Days
215All Local mobiles 30p/min84 Days 84 Days
294Local A2A @ 10p/min84 Days 84 Days
325Local Onnet 15p/min Local offnet 35p/min84 Days 84 Days
374Local Onnet 10p/min Local offnet 30p/min84 Days 84 Days

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