May 11, 2016

Popular prepaid Tariff Plan Uttar Pradesh Airtel

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List Uttar Pradesh Region Popular Plan Airtel prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
421 GB 3G Night Usage (12am-6am)1 Night (12!00 AM to 06!00 AM) 1 Night (12!00 AM to 06!00 AM)
45135 MB 3G Data5 Days 5 Days
67200 MB 3G Data7 Days 7 Days
97300 MB 3G Data10 Days 10 Days
1021 GB 3G Data2 Days 2 Days
111250 MB 3G Data + Rs 10 Talktime28 Days 28 Days
148450 MB 3G Data15 Days 15 Days
159500 MB 3G Data. Free unlimited song downloads on Wynk (Charges apply)16 Days 16 Days
187550 MB 3G Data18 Days 18 Days
204600 MB 3G Data21 Days 21 Days
2491 GB 3G Data28 Days 28 Days
297Get minimum benefit of 1.25 GB 3G to maximum benefit of 10 GB 3G Data28 Days 28 Days
2991.25 GB 3G Data28 Days 28 Days
4992.5 GB 3G Data28 Days 28 Days
1975 MB 2G Data2 Days 2 Days
2430 MB Data28 Days 28 Days
26100 MB 2G Data3 Days 3 Days
37150 MB 2G Data4 Days 4 Days
57225 MB 2G Data7 Days 7 Days
95380 MB 2G Data12 Days 12 Days
98400 MB 2G Data12 Days 12 Days
1751 GB 2G Data28 Days 28 Days
1991.25 GB 2G Data; thereafter unlimited@40kbps28 Days 28 Days
248Get Jackpot 2G data benefit between 2 GB to 10 GB28 Days 28 Days
11Free 125 Local and National SMS8 Days 8 Days
12All STD mobile calls @ Re1/3 minute28 Days 28 Days
1550 Local airtel mobile calling minute2 Days 2 Days
16Loc Mob 30p/m(Din ke pehle 120sec 1p/s)5 Days 5 Days
17Local Airtel mobile call 20p/min4 Days 4 Days
18200 Local + National SMS14 Days 14 Days
21All Local mobile calls @1p/sec28 Days 28 Days
23Roaming Mobile Tariff - Incoming Free; Outgoing local@80p/min; STD@Rs1.15/min28 Days 28 Days
27Local + STD Mobile 30ps/m5 Days 5 Days
29STD Mobile call 25ps/min11 Days 11 Days
33All Local and STD mobile calls@1p/sec28 Days 28 Days
35Local mobile calls 30 paise/min10 Days 10 Days
38All Local mobile calls@30p/min; STD mobile@35p/min; 1st 2min of the day @ 2p/sec28 Days 28 Days
58Loc Airtel Mobile Call 10ps/min11 Days 11 Days
62108 Local Mobile Minutes10 Days 10 Days
64Local+STD mobile calls@40p/min28 Days 28 Days
65Rs60 talktime+5 Local Airtel SMS for 2 daysUnlimited Unlimited
73Roaming Mobile Tariff - Incoming Free; Outgoing local@80p/min; STD @Rs1.15/min90 Days 90 Days
105190 Local + STD mobile minutes28 Days 28 Days
205460 Local + STD mobile minutes28 Days 28 Days
348Unlimited Local airtel mobile calls28 Days 28 Days
10Talktime of Rs. 7.73Unlimited Unlimited
20Talktime of Rs. 15.47Unlimited Unlimited
25Rs25 Talktime for 3 Days with 5 local airtel SMS for 2 DaysNA NA
30Talktime of Rs. 23.2Unlimited Unlimited
40Talktime of Rs. 31.93Unlimited Unlimited
50Airtel Full Talktime if recharge with airtel money
55Rs55 Full Talktime for 7 Days + 5 Local airtel SMS for 2 daysUnlimited Unlimited
60Talktime of Rs. 49.4Unlimited Unlimited
70Talktime of Rs. 64.0Unlimited Unlimited
80Talktime of Rs. 66.87Unlimited Unlimited
90Talktime of Rs. 84.0Unlimited Unlimited
100Talktime of Rs. 84.34Unlimited Unlimited
110Talktime of Rs. 93.07Unlimited Unlimited
120Talktime of Rs. 116.0Unlimited Unlimited
130Talktime of Rs. 110.54Unlimited Unlimited
150Talktime of Rs. 147.0Unlimited Unlimited
160Talktime of Rs. 136.74Unlimited Unlimited
200Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
210Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
300Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
350Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
500Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited
550Extra TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited

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