May 11, 2016

Popular prepaid Tariff Plan North East Airtel

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List North East Region Popular Plan Airtel prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
2680 MB 3G data3 Days 3 Days
47150 MB 3G data for 5 days5 Days 5 Days
961 GB 3G Data validity 2 days2 Days 2 Days
101250 MB 3G data for 28 days28 Days 28 Days
153400 MB 3G data for 28 days28 Days 28 Days
2491 GB 3G data26 Days 26 Days
2591 GB 3G data28 Days 28 Days
2651GB 3G data and wynk plus subscription (free songs streaming in wynk)28 Days 28 Days
1560 MB 2G data2 Days 2 Days
25100 MB 2G data4 Days 4 Days
48200 MB 2G Data7 Days 7 Days
98400 MB 2G data14 Days 14 Days
125425 MB 2G data28 Days 28 Days
17STD calls @40p/min; 10 days10 Days 10 Days
19All Local Mobile calls @ 30p/min5 Days 5 Days
34450 Local and National SMS SMS28 Days 28 Days
39STD calls @40p/min; 28 days28 Days 28 Days
97140 Local + STD;14 days14 Days 14 Days
128200 STD mins for 14 days14 Days 14 Days
129200 Local and STD mins for 14 days14 Days 14 Days
10Talktime of Rs. 7.73Unlimited Unlimited
30Talktime of Rs. 23.2Unlimited Unlimited
40Talktime of Rs. 31.93Unlimited Unlimited
50Talktime of Rs. 40.67Unlimited Unlimited
55Full Talktime of Rs.55 + 1 local airtel SMS free for 1 day7 Days 7 Days
60Talktime of Rs. 49.4Unlimited Unlimited
90Talktime of Rs. 80.0Unlimited Unlimited
100Talktime of Rs. 84.34Unlimited Unlimited
120Talktime of Rs. 110.0Unlimited Unlimited
150Talktime of Rs. 148.0NA NA
200Full talktimeUnlimited Unlimited
330Full TalktimeUnlimited Unlimited

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