May 31, 2016

Popular prepaid Tariff Plan Gujarat Telenor

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List Gujarat Region Popular Plan Telenor prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
42350 MB 2G Data14 Days 14 Days
63600 MB 2G Data21 Days 21 Days
971 GB 2G Data28 Days 28 Days
12All Local @ 1p/2 Secs with Daily First 60 Secs of the day Charged @ 1p/1 Sec there after 1p/2 Sec28 Days 28 Days
29All Local calls @ 1p/2 sec for 28 Days28 Days 28 Days
36All Local/STD Calls @ 25p/min28 Days 28 Days
3829,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secs21 Days 21 Days
4842,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secs28 Days 28 Days
88Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor Calls for 21 Days21 Days 21 Days
9918,000 All India secs21 Days 21 Days
108Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor calls28 Days 28 Days
11913,000 All Local Sec+ 6,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Sec28 Days 28 Days
10Talktime of Rs. 7.73NA NA
30Talktime of Rs. 23.32NA NA
50Talktime of Rs. 40.67NA NA
100Talktime of Rs. 84.34NA NA

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