May 11, 2016

3G prepaid Tariff Plan Tamil Nadu Airtel

Price \ Tariff \ Call Rate \ recharge full List Tamil Nadu Region 3G Plan Airtel prepaid balance

AmountDetailValidityTalk Time
28Airtel 85 MB 3G, 3 day validity3 days 3 days
45Airtel 140 MB 3G, 4 day validity4 days 4 days
95Airtel 1 GB 3G/4G (This recharge cannot be used to carry forward existing 3G balance)2 days 2 days
101Airtel 300MB 4G/3G10 days 10 days
102Airtel 300MB10 days 10 days
141Airtel 420MB14 days 14 days
142Airtel 425MB 4G/3G14 days 14 days
143Airtel 1GB (This recharge cannot be used to carry forward 3G existing balance)3 days 3 days
173Airtel 500MB14 days 14 days
197Airtel 600MB 4G/3G21 days 21 days
255Airtel 1 GB25 days 25 days
265Airtel 1 GB28 days 28 days
318Airtel 1.3 GB25 days 25 days
359Airtel 1.5 GB28 days 28 days
451Airtel 2 GB25 days 25 days
601Airtel 2.75GB 4G/3G28 days 28 days
751Airtel 4 GB 3G UL, 28 day validity, Post free benefit @ 2G Speeds28 days 28 days

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