Dec 20, 2014

Query Optimization In Sql Server

Introduction: SQL Server Query Optimization

Database tuning is one of the high business need. A market research says just one second delay in page load can cause 7% loss in customer conversion.
There is no need to explain why tuning is so important aspect to develop an application.    Now a day most of the applications deal with large volume of data.  Unfortunately, database tuning has become one of the complex and challenging task of the application development.  A single small mistake can degrade the database performance up to 90%!!    A database developer has a lot of confusion regarding which one is the best approach.  One of the root cause of the complexity of database tuning is query processing is very much hidden.  Here our goal is to explain the complex query tuning process in very simple way that every one can understand it easily.  It keeps a lot of real world examples and scenario which we generally come across during the application development.  I am very much sure after reading this post you will say I can tune queries and database. 

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