Oct 10, 2013

What is sql server

About Microsoft SQL Server: What is sql server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system  which stores data in tabular format that is columns and rows wise. For example:

Adjustable Race
Bearing Ball
BB Ball Bearing
Headset Ball Bearings

Sql server major components

1.  Database Engine
2. Database Integration Services (SSIS)
3. Database Analyses Services (SSAS)
4. Database Reporting Services (SSRS)

When will open sql server management studio (SSMS) it will ask to connect:

Database Engine:

Its task is to provide core functionality that is storing and retrieving data in very efficient manner.

Few examples of task of database engine:

1. Creating database objects like table, view, stored procedure.
2. Retrieving, updating, inserting, deleting or merging data from different database objects.
3. Sending email notification when data is modified.
4. Perform some database scheduled jobs etc.
Database Integration Services:

In real world data are not kept well common organized format.     There are many organizations that may choose sql server, Oracle, MySql, DB2, MSDB or event delimited text file to keep his data. Many organizations need data from different organizations.   If your application needs such requirement then you can choose SSIS.

Its task is to extract the data from different data sources likes databases, raw files, XML etc, perform some operations (likes data cleaning, sending emails etc)   and load the data into different destinations. It can load the 1 TB data in 30 minutes. 

Few examples of task of SSIS:

1. Extract the delimited data from text files, type caste the data type and load into the tables and keep logs of all activities in a log table and send email notifications.

2. Download the data from FTP servers, correct the spelling, verb forms etc of data and save in the XML file etc. 

Database Analyses Services:

    Its task is to create multi-dimensional data structure of an OLAP system, analyze and aggregate the data.  Also it implements various data mining models.

Few examples of task of SSAS:

1. Get the detail information of sold car over last 10 years for that family which has three children.
2. Forecasting sales in coming year

Database Reporting Services:

    Its task is to generate the reports from different data sources in different formats like PDF, HTML, and Image etc.

Few examples of task of SSAS:

1. Generate a report by getting data from different tables with profession look in PDF format.
2. Generate a report to display total sales in different location of a country in map view.
3. Generate a pie chart to display purchase volume etc.


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